Dollars & Cents of Shopping Centers The SCORE 2008 (BOOK)

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Dollars & Cents of Shopping Centers The SCORE 2008 (BOOK)
Produced by ULI's and ICSC's expert research departments, Dollars & Cents of Shopping Centers® and ICSC's The SCORE® provides authoritative income and expense data from approximately 800 centers in the United States and Canada.

Latest Centerwide Income and Expenses :

Includes detailed income and expense categories.
Contains reports on open-air and enclosed centers, organized by size.
Tracks income and expenses for convenience, neighborhood, community, regional and super regional centers.
Provides reports by region, center type and age, plus data on sales for centers in urban, suburban and rural locations.

Retail Tenant Sales and Expenses:

Covers sales and expenses for 200 types of retailers, drawn from over 20,000 stores.
Comprises data on new leases, anchor tenants and top tenant performers.

Dependable Data:

Data contributed directly from center owners and management companies.

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AED 110
AED 110
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