MECSC Mobile Event App


This year’s mobile app for RECon MENA 2017 is going to be awesome! Here are just a few benefits and reasons why you don’t want to miss out on the app:
• Access the event schedule and customize your agenda with personal appointments
• See all the speakers, read their bios, and view their presentations
• Check out the exhibitors and locate their booths more easily through an interactive map
• Get important updates and exciting offers through the app through Push Notifications
• See who’s attending and share contact information by networking with other attendees


Activity Feed 

The social Activity feed allows attendees to toggle between three streams of content. All Activity is a complete stream inclusive of all event activity, My Feed is a personalized stream tailored to each individual based on the attendee's interactions with the app. Plus Notifications are listed to help attendees stay on track. Attendees can see: Individual notifications Personalized bookmarks Photos and comments from all sessions or from only the ones they attended

Personalized schedule integration

Attendees create personalized schedules during registration—you don't have to do it again when you download the RECON MENA APP. It is easy to pull the individual schedules into the app. Personalized schedules can also be exported from the app to the native calendar on any mobile device.

Interactive maps

RECON MENA APP makes navigating events easy and intuitive. Our truly interactive maps let attendees zoom in and out, tap on pins for exhibitor and session info, and include links to full profiles.

Attendee Messaging

Make it simple for you to communicate instantly and be social. Attendees can use the RECON MENA APP to message other attendees directly—no phone number or email address needed. Message threads are saved for each attendee, making it easy to manage conversations.

Social connections

Staying social is simple when attendees can easily manage new connections. Personalized lists are created when attendees share contact information. New contacts can also be exported to help attendees stay connected long after the event.

Social sharing

Attendees can simultaneously share photos and comments to the Activity Feed and social networks outside of the app. Event hashtags are set up to pre-populate in every attendee’s social updates.

Click, social game

Want to spark more interaction between exhibitors and attendees? Click is your answer. Click is a native photo scavenger hunt game that encourages the attendees to see more, do more, and talk to more people about every challenge.

Session pages

The RECON APP gives the flexibility to find exactly what you need when you need it. Interactive session pages make it easy for attendees to download presentations, take and share notes, cast votes, post social updates and rank speakers.

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