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Frequently Asked Questions

When will the MECS+R Directory be published

The Directory will be distributed by the 3rd week of April 2018

How do I advertise in the MECS+R Directory?

Advertising placements are available on a first-come, first serve basis. For more information about advertising opportunities please contact Justin Espiritu at; Tel No. + 971 4 3597909.

How do I change an existing listing or add a new listing?

If you would like to add or change the information listed, please visit the following links:
or contact Justin Espiritu at; Tel: +971 4 3597909.

What is the cost to purchase the MECS+R Directory?

The MECS+R Directory is offered on a complimentary basis to each member and will be distributed at MECS+R events.
Members can visit the MECS+R office to get their copy or arrange a delivery by courier. Shipping cost should be borne by the member.
For non-members, the cost to purchase a Directory is AED 735 (USD 200) + courier fees.
To order, please contact MECS+R at; Tel No. +971 4 3597909

What is the advantage of advertising in this new Directory

Our multi-functional directory is the retail industry go-to source for information in the MENA region. This is an opportunity for your business to stand head and shoulders above the others.

How to Search in the MECSC Directory

Step 1

Log-in as a member

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Step 2

After logging-in, Navigate to the following section of your Member Profile



Step 3 

Feel free to explore and filter your desired results



Directory Editions




Number of Shopping Centres 860
Number of Retailers 779
Number of Service Providers 450
Number of Members 1,100
Number of Advertisements 54
Number of Expert Views 24




Number of Shopping Centres 840
Number of Retailers 1000
Number of Service Providers 700
Number of Members 1100
Number of Advertisements 55
Number of Expert Views 22




Number of Shopping Centres 699
Number of Retailers 920
Number of Service Providers 500
Number of Members 1,071
Number of Advertisements 54
Number of Expert Views 24




Number of Shopping Centres 637
Number of Retailers 1953
Number of Service Providers 490
Number of Members 898
Number of Advertisements 38
Number of Expert Views 20




Number of Shopping Centres 580
Number of Retailers 1820
Number of Service Providers 640
Number of Members 946
Number of Advertisements 40
Number of Expert Views 24




Number of Shopping Centres 478
Number of Retailers 1955
Number of Service Providers 340
Number of Members 940
Number of Advertisements 25
Number of Expert Views 4

Featured List


The Retail People Magazine


The Official Magazine of the Middle East Council of Shopping Centres

Raise your personal profile in our quarterly issue magazine!

The Retail People Magazine is the foremost source of knowledge and information for the retail industry, where MECSC members can have an active voice in the activities of our organization. The magazine is a tool for bringing people together, educating, discussing and enhancing our industry, and showcasing the great things happening in our industry in the MENA region. Retail People aim is to help you to facilitate your business and to raise your personal profile in the retail industry locally, regionally and globally.

With readership in 45 countries, we are creating a voice in the Middle East and North Africa region. The magazine is distributed to its members through mailings, MECSC-hosted events, and other partnerships. Your ad will be seen and read by the 10,000+ industry professionals who receive Retail People each quarter. The e-magazine is available on the MECSC website and 4,000+ social media followers. Available as well in which reach more audiences.

If you would like to include a story or feature on our magazine, please contact David Macadam, CEO at / Mariz Matocdo, Marketing Officer at or call at +971 4 359 7909.

  • Are you a Shopping Centre looking to lease space?
  • Are you a Retailer interested to enter the market or expand your operations?
  • Are you a Service Provider looking to market a product or your services?

TAKE ADVANTAGE TO PROMOTE YOUR COMPANY, ADVERTISE NOW!!! Annual Publication Sponsorship is also available.

Retail People 2020 Sponsors

Media Pack


Sponsors / Advertisers









2020 Q4 Issue 25

Resilience & Optimism

Cover Story: Featuring Food Central: City Centre Deira


2020 Q3 Issue 24

The Way Forward - #StrongerTogether

Cover Story: Connecting Brands & Buildings Through The Reinvention Of Retail Real Estate


2020 Q2 Issue 23

A Family Business

Cover Story: New Ideas and Concepts to the World of Specialty Retail


2020 Q1 Issue 22

Retail In 2020 Onto New Discovery

Cover Story: The new year presents new opportunities for retailers for 2020 and beyond. In this latest issue of the Retail People, you will see a lot of things to look forward to in the UAE. Along with that, several industry leaders shared their views and opinions of what 2020 is offering. Want to find out the latest in the F&B? This issue will give you an insight into the F&B Trends and newly opened restaurants. Last but not the least, Eng. Wail M. Balkhair, CEO of Sahat Property Management is our featured cover in this issue. Find out his story about how he travels his journey until he reached the prestigious title "Retail Professional of the Year".


2019 Q4 Issue 21

The Age of Focus

Cover Story: With focus and a clear vision of what we can become, we continue to achieve growth and success at the Middle East Council of Shopping Centres + Retailers – MECS+R. Through our many social media channels, the Retail People Magazine, our Voice on Demand Podcast, our What’s Up Monthly Newsletter, The Gregory Vogt School for Retail Professionals, our Retail Congress and our Spring Board Events we connect with our members.


2019 Q3 Issue 20

Space Place and The Future of Retail

Cover Story: Franka Lange Director of Marketing and Communications, RAZA. Placemaking is crucial to the new Saudi real estate proposition. It helps developers enhance the value of their assets and generates a revenue stream to offset development and operational costs.


2019 Q2 ISSUE 19

The Future of Entertainment

Cover Story: Shaikh Mohammed bin Duaij Al Khalifa


2019 Q1 ISSUE 18

Redefining Experiential Retail in 2019

Cover Story: Fouad A. Al-Rashed - CEO, Asala Holding


2018 Q4 ISSUE 17

Future Proof Retail

Cover Story: Special RECON MENA 2018 Edition


2018 Q3 ISSUE 16

Retail Digital Transformation

Cover Story: Daniel Parry, Managing Director and General Counsel of Gulf Related speaks about "The Experience Evolution: Creating Next-Generation Retail Destinations"


2018 Q2 ISSUE 15

Global Trends on Food, Entertainment, Media and Technology

Cover Story: Mr. Majed Al Hokair, Group Vice Chairman of the Al Hokair Group, shares his family’s commitment to entertainment in Saudi Arabia


2018 Q1 ISSUE 14

Creating Exceptional Experiences

Cover Story: Mohammed J. Al Marzouq, Chairman, Tamdeen Group, about Building Great Places, Creating Exceptional Experiences and Delivering Outstanding Sales


2017 Q4 ISSUE 13


Cover Story: Special RECon MENA 2017 Edition


2017 Q3 ISSUE 12

Education and Technology in Retail

Cover Story: Maimunah Shebani, Managing Director of the Retail Agency addressing the employment gap in Oman through retail training.


2017 Q2 ISSUE 11

Men & Women in Retail

Cover Story: Alessandro Gaffuri Founder & CEO of CELS Group talks about the why of customer engagement in retail marketing


2017 Q1 ISSUE 10

Fashion and Lifestyle

Cover Story: Kamel Shaban of Brands International talks about revolutionizing Men’s Fashion


2016 Q4 ISSUE 9

The Customer & Innovation

Cover Story: Special RECon Edition


2016 Q3 ISSUE 8

Specialty Retail

Cover Story: GATE AVENUE at DIFC – A First of its kind urban lifestyle destination


2016 Q2 ISSUE 7

Leisure and Entertainment

Cover Story: IMG Worlds of Adventure – the world’s largest indoor theme park


2016 Q1 ISSUE 6

Fashion and Beauty

Cover Story: Samar Akkou, CSM, CLS – Youngest Woman to achieve ICSC Certification in the Middle East.


2015 Q4 ISSUE 5

Great to Legendary

Cover Story: Special RECon Edition


2015 Q3 ISSUE 4

Retail Consumer Trends

Cover Story: Nidal Jamjoom, Trailblazing CEO of Kinan International shares how the KSA retail landscape will transform in the coming years


2015 Q2 ISSUE 3

Food Retail - Leading retail strategies trends and opportunities for the F&B Sector

Cover Story: Ivana Gazivoda Vucinic, CMD, CLS talks about F&B Revolution


2015 Q1 ISSUE 2

Women in Retail - Five Influential women in the retail sector share their views

Cover Story: Interview with Salma Shasha’a from Jordan


2014 Q4 ISSUE 1

Retail People Launch

Cover Story: Mohammad Alawi, CEO of Red Sea Mall talks about his ambitious expansion plans


I have been a member of MECSC for the past 15 years and owe them a ‘thank you’ for keeping me up-to-date with the retail and shopping centre industry. Working in a dynamic and ‘fast-paced industry’ it can be a struggle to be in accord with the new developments, retailers, trends and key people shaping the industry. The Retail People Magazine keeps me informed, insightful and in touch with the industry.”


As one of the article contributors to Retail People Magazine, the main thing I can say is that at every retail event I have attended locally or regionally, people seem to know who I am because they have either read an article of mine or have seen a photo of me in the magazine. I cannot think of a more effective way to give me the exposure in my career that I need to build the right relationships and facilitate business.”


For the past few years retail industry in the Middle East has transformed and Middle East Council of Shopping Centres has helped us a lot to keep up to date with everything new. When I joined MECSC, I didn’t know many people and as well was not aware with latest updates of the retail market. The magazine helped me in understanding new trends, keep update with new projects in the market. I owe MECSC a lot of our success of where we are and helping us and I hope it can help others like me.”


MECSC ’s Retail People Magazine is providing global knowledge and exposure to both its readers and contributors. As a contributor, the magazine pushes me to always be on top of the topics covered & be on a constant quest for knowing and achieving more to share with the reader's substantial experience, expertise, and content. That in turn elevates my knowledge, skills, and profile, and also boosts my exposure within a bigger network of professionals; all funneling towards enhanced career opportunities and progress.”


This is a great initiative by the MECSC! It gives one an idea of the happenings and views in our industry in the region, draws attention to ideas that are trending and is another way to connect within our f r a t e r n i t y . I t ’s a l s o a w a y f o r m e m b e r s i n o u r f r a ternity to contribute to the industry. The magazine has evolved and has grown from strength to strength and I look forward to many more especially young people contributing to the magazine.


We treasure our market, we believe in the value of exposure to our business community and Retail People Magazine excels at providing this. It is a great way to hear and be heard by the relevant audience. It provides the opportunity to our brand to be associated with a strong and reputable association like MECSC. This leads us to great networking opportunities, assures a solid establishment and ultimately, the ‘brand recognition’ that is deserved. As we work directly with several newcomers, retailers and malls, it is a part of our established marketing strategy to introduce RPM as a vehicle to promote themselves.


Retailers and shopping centers are a nexus of transaction and transformation for the Middle East region, and RPM’s audience include stop management in these sectors. The magazine provides a unique channel for bringing new ideas to the professional community, which makes it most attractive to contribute to RPM and join MECSC. Besides the excellent reach and quality of the magazine, the RPM staff is highly professional and easy to work with, and this makes it a pleasure to participate!

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