Ali Hasan"I am proud to be associated with MECSC since its inception. The Council has been a driving force in the growth of the retail real estate industry in the Middle East. The Council was founded in 1994 and it has been a wonderful journey with some very fond memories of the early days, which I will always cherish."

Ali Hasan
Ontario, Canada

Member Since 1997

Engr. Mazen F. Al Silwani"I am very happy that MECSC is making a tremendous effort to assist MECSC members and professionals from the industry to obtain information through valuable conferences and continuous learning programs to help them develop their business in the retail real estate industry."

Engr. Mazen F. Al Silwani
D.G. Assist. for Technical Affairs
Al Rashid Trading & Contracting Co. Ltd.
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Member Since 2000

Phil Mc Arthur SCSM, CDP"I am a shopping centre professional and have been an ICSC member since 1981 and a member of MECSC since 2002. I guess that makes me an old timer, although I don't feel that way being involved in such a dynamic and ever changing industry. I have always felt that sharing information and experiences is extremely valuable for all shopping centre professionals.

The Middle East Council of Shopping Centres exists because there is always a nucleus of enthusiastic members who are willing to give their time and creative energy to grow the Council. We have been fortunate to attract membership from all over the world. In 1996 we had 50 members and today over 600 and our target is to reach 1000 or more. Strong membership and representation from 17 countries makes MECSC the preeminent platform to represent our very important industry in the region.

The MIddle East is now one of the leading regions in the world in mall development, management and marketing. I firmly believe that this enviable position is partially due to the growth of MECSC and it's programs and events. I would like to also recognise the dozens of fellow industry professionals and the staff of the MECSC office for their passion and commitment to our wonderful industry. MECSC would not exist without this leadership and teamwork. Lets all get on board with MECSC to help promote and grow our incredible industry."

Phil Mc Arthur SCSM, CDP
Managing Director
McArthur + Company
Dubai, UAE

Member Since 2002

Shawqi Ghanim"Ten years have passed since I became a member of the MECSC. We were a couple of members then and now it is home to hundreds. I have participated in almost all its activities and I enjoyed it, a lot of my stores were booked during its conferences and exhibitions, and I also met a lot of friends.

For me it is not a professional association or an organization that you join to gain more knowledge or to network with peers, it is like home, warm, caring and friendly MECSC team, lots of assistance when you need."

Shawqi Ghanim
Managing Director
Grand Optics
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Member Since 2002

Yasser Taher"Since I joined MECSC for almost 10 years now, I found it to be one of the best global & regional organizations representing the Shopping Centre & Retail Industry in the Middle East & North Africa. It has developed over the years to become my main platform for networking within both industries of shopping mall developers and regional retail groups.

I am personally committed to attend the annual conference and exhibition of MECSC "RECON MENA" as it does really provide us with great updates on new projects, future challenges, best practices of international retailers, new technologies adapted in the industry and most important, great networking with leaders from the industry . Thank you to MECSC for all the efforts you have made to make it successful."

Yasser Taher
President & Chief Operating Officer
Magrabi Retail
Cairo, Egypt

Member Since 2002

Avijit Yadav"In the late 90's I remember there was more of an adversarial relationship between shopping centre professionals who worked for different companies. I think the MECSC created a local fraternity of shopping centre professional that led to more collaboration. It has helped me remain connected with fellow members, follow developments and learn from the centralized resource MECSC collates and the programs it creates.

Everyone was always focused on getting to the ICSC conventions in USA in the 90's. The guys who went were the "oh so lucky" ones. The MECSC made international quality educational programs, workshops, networking events so much more accessible and to many more people in the industry. That I think has been its hallmark. I have benefited personally by teaching at some of these programs and attending them too.

It is great to know that once can call in to the MECSC with an issue or a concern and it is always addressed either directly by the MECSC staff or by one of the many volunteers/ member, with no strings attached."

Avijit Yadav
GM- Marketing & Operations
GLA Management

Member Since 2002

Mohammad Iqbal Alawi"As I sit back and reminisce about the beginning of my career in this dynamic retail real estate industry and my memorable association with MECSC, I realize it has been over 14 years since I started. In 1998, I moved from the Building, Facility Management and Operations sector to the Retail Property Management sector when I started working in Heraa International Mall in Jeddah, KSA. This was my first exposure to the shopping mall industry. I attended the ICSC University of Shopping Centers, USA in 1999 and it was like a new window just opened. The learning was great and the insights were invaluable. It has been a long journey since and I enjoyed every moment of this journey.

My association with MECSC dates back to the year 2000 and from then on till this day, I thoroughly enjoy being a part of MECSC. It widened my network and helped me meet and connect with so many people across the region and also internationally. Being closely involved with MECSC from being MECSC KSA Representative in 2000 to being elected as President and now Executive Director on the MECSC Board, it has been a wonderful journey and I look forward to many more years of being associated with the shopping centre industry and continuously supporting MECSC and contributing back to the industry."

Mohammad Iqbal Alawi
Red Sea Markets Co.
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Member Since 2003

Mohamad El Sabawi"I have been an active member of MECSC for the past 7 years and I consider myself to be amongst the fortunate professionals who are part of this great Retail Real Estate organization! The knowledge I have gained from MECSC & its educational programmes as well as networking with other members are unparalleled. MECSC gave me exposure to a whole new world of opportunities I never thought imaginable and played a major role in my professional successes in this wonderful field. Thank you MECSC team for all your hard work! Keep it up!"

Mohamad El Sabawi
Mall Director
Tanween Retail
Doha, Qatar

Member Since 2006

Nader Daouk"It is not easy at all to have a Council for shopping center industry in the Middle East! Yes, to be able to unify and support people from different backgrounds, mix and match diverse markets, and break through in a developing region is quite a tremendous task that has been brilliantly handled by MECSC. It is because of this team of highly motivated and remarkable individuals, I am where I am today!

In 2008, I took a life changing decision of moving into mall management profession after having graduated as a mechanical engineer and worked for 3 years in that field. At that point, I am summarising a story shared by many of my colleagues in the Middle East who moved into retail real estate without having a directly related academic and work background!

I am not exaggerating if I mentioned that without my discovery of MECSC at the time and attending their workshops and conferences; if not for the orientation, the networking, having the chance to meet experts in the field from all over the world; if not for MECSC my growth in the profession I grew to love each day would have not been possible... Yes, we are not the most developed region in terms of shopping centers yet (but certainly one of the fast growing ones) but yet on behalf of all members I can testify that we are all proud, and so lucky, to have MECSC."

Nader Daouk
Leasing and Operations Manage
Emaar, The Economic City
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Member Since 2009

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